Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Art is fun and it is a great way to express all kinds of feelings and emotions, Rhea and I are glad to say that we have a chance to be taught art and we have a teacher who is fun as well, who makes class enjoyable and worth while (and the students) :P

art is fun
art is fun
art is fun
art is funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!
The main Person of this event that we can't forget is Miss.Goyeau, it took her a very long time to make this event a success. All thanks to her for doing all she can do to give us an opportunity to show our community and friends our art work and the wonderful things that Treeline students can do. Beacuse we all are a team and we work together to get things done. WE all can agree that Miss. Goyeau did an aswesome job, and we ALL Thank-you!!!!
Everybody has worked very hard together to make Eklektika a success, and we are hoping that we can do it again!!

The Perfomences

We found the African dancing very entertaining, their performance was interesting to watch and to see the different moves they used during their dance. Also the masks that were created for them to perform with was a great idea. The drums that were played made it feel more realistic like actually African dancers were dancing, which sounded awesome. But overall the whole performance was well done.
Our FAVOURITE, the 4 guys with matching dress shirts and dress pants, together danced as though they were the temptations. It was funny to watch them try to imitate the "The Temptations" but they still did good. They were on beat focused and prepared to put on a great show!!
The girls who sang to the song Waving flags, they had very nice voices and did great. They were nervous but they still pulled it through and did EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!
The BHANGRA DANCERS Harman, Dalvir, Sim, and Nazvir, you could tell they put a lot of time and effort into practicing their routine and most importantly they did their best and their best was fantastic.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Eklektika... Eklektika... Eklektika!!!! A HUGEE success!! Thanks to Miss. Goyeau, and all of the FANTASTIC helpers, Shanae, Simren, Aneeka, Bryanna, and Tarun, for helping out with the setup, and the entire Art Galla! There were many wonderful performances preformed by Treeline students which were very well done. We give props to Dylan, Karman, Gurjot, Aaron, Rajan, and Tanvir for their outstanding performances!! WOOOOO . . . GOOOO TEMPTATIONS!!!!